All for Love

On May the 24th, my sister got married in cyprus. We couldn’t go over for the wedding, so I sent an iPod with this speech on for a surprise…

Hi everyone, for anyone who doesn’t know who this is, Im Helens sister and a while ago I asked Helen if there would be speeches at the wedding, she replied “If anyone feels compelled to then they can”. Well guess what big sister, I feel compelled!! Bet you wish you’d gone for a blanket “No, no speeches” now!!

I’m not sure how Helen will feel about me doing this, because we don’t often shout or even talk quietly about things like this. I don’t suppose we need to really. But if I can’t say it on your wedding day, when can you?

When I started to write the notes for this I was fresh out of a disagreement with my husband, a recurring disagreement I might add. We have it every Wednesday night without fail. Because every Wednesday we watch OBEM and it forces me to raise the topic of more children with Tom. The disagreement we have is this. I want two more, Tom on the other hand wants one more. I f we have one more and it’s a boy he wants to leave it there. I want two more because I think that stands me the best chance of getting another girl. Anyway, that’s probably enough about my marriage, now I should get on with my amazing speech.

I told someone recently that Helen and Andrew were getting married, when I said I wasn’t going to the wedding they replied “Oh, aren’t you close to her?”. Now, I understand that assumption, I do, but its wrong. That’s not to say that we always see eye to eye but if you don’t understand how you can both love your sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time then you obviously don’t have a sister.

Another common misconception that is frequently made when it comes to me and Helen is that were different. Again, this is wrong. Obviously were not carbon copies of each other but the idea that were opposite ends of the spectrum is entirely false, we’re a lot more alike than people realise.

The first thing we have in common is our roots. We had the same start in life, we were brought up with the same morals and rules and we have the same parents, and what amazing parents they are. Truly, we would both be lost without them and owe so much to them. From them we learnt our strength and a lot of our best points and a lot of that makes us the same, not different. Yes, we have our roots in common and they say were sisters, but our hearts, our hearts say were friends.

And as sisters and friends we’ve been through quite abit. We’ve laughed louder, we’ve cried softer and we’ve lived stronger because we’ve stood together.

When I went out and got drunk when I was a teenager and I came home and got in major trouble from our parents, Helen got me a bowl to be sick in, laughed at me and then fought my corner with mam and Dad. Through the break ups she knew me, she supported me and she told me the truth, not what I wanted to hear. Because you might be able to kid the world, but you can’t kid your sister. As soon as I had my baby girl, I felt an overwhelming desperation to introduce her to my sister and when they met I saw them fall in love. In the same way that I fell in love with Caitlin and Ryan. And whenever one of the troublesome three causes some trouble or more likely than that, does something ridiculously clever, the first thing Helen & I do is ring each other- because what’s the point of news if you haven’t a sister to share it with? We could ring each other anytime, for any reason, tell each other anything and never be judged or thought of differently.

So to those who think we aren’t close, I’ll say it again, they’re wrong.

All of this brings me back to the One Born Every Minute, two or three children dilemma. I don’t want more children because two or three is the magic number. I want my daughter to have a sister because I couldn’t imagine my life without the unfaltering , unconditional support and love of my sister.

And some years ago now, my sister met her Andrew and she got everything and more that she had planned. Andrew truly is her man of good faith and I know that they can stand up to the test together. It’s a phrase too commonly used but in this case its true, he is her rock and I am so grateful they found each other and wish you the lifetime of happiness that you both deserve.

Ok, that’s about it from me. Thank you all for your very kind attention. Let’s make it all for one, and all for love and raise your glasses to Andrew and Helen.


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  1. Laura Huggins
    Jun 02, 2013 @ 20:56:06

    I love this hun, esp the comedy value!

    I am sure your sister loved it too.

    Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Blog Hop

    Hope to see you again next weekend

    Laura x x x


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